100% to 150 | 50% to 300 Bonus Offer

William Has another welcome bonus in play, applicable on the browser based Evolution live games and/or the Playtech downloadable live games. The bonus offer is up to 300£. The bonus you are eligible for will depend on your first deposit amount:

The downside to this bonus is not the 20X play through specs stated above. The biggest problem is the Wager Contribution Percentage which will increase the play through prohibitively. I found the Wager Contribution specs on a different page…

  • Live Roulette 25%
  • Live Baccarat  20%
  • Live Blackjack 20%

With only applying 20-25% of the wager to the play through wagering requirements, increases your play through to 100X. That is a lot to wager and with the House Edge on average 2.7%, it will be almost impossible to meet. But smile! I couldn’t find out in the requirements if I would loose my deposit if I made a premature withdrawal. So I clicked up LiveChat support. They said it is no problem. I would be able to keep my deposit but not bonus and winnings. That is what I really admire about Live Casinos With Free Play like William Hill. They have Live Chat Support waiting for you in every page.

So I sat back and started thinking… Yeh! loose my winnings… not good… BUT!!! This bonus if played up to where you lost all the bonus and did not touch your deposit amounts to free play! Ok William Thanks for the free play. That is a good bonus!




Doing the Bonus Play Through Difficulty Math

We have set up a simple formula that can be used to compare how hard it will be to accomplish the play through and still have money left over. If you need a real detailed account on how to do the below calculation, refer to Live Casino Withdrawal Permission Bonus Play Through Comparison Calculations.

Determinants Effecting Play Through Difficulty

  • Play-through ( 20 )
  • Bonus + Deposit amount to be played through ( 900 )
  • Wager Contribution % of the games being played ( 25 )
  • House Edge of those games ( 2.7% )

The above information is needed to do the calculations in the formulas below.

Formulas To Calculate Play Through Difficult

(Bonus) x Play-thr / Wager Cntr% = Amount to Wager
(900) x 20 / 25% = 72,000€ to be played through

Amount to Wager  x House Edge= Amount Theoretically Lost During Play-thrw
72,000 x 2.7% = 1944€ will be most likely lost during that play through

Amount Lost During Pay-thrw/(Bonus + Deposit) = PLAY THROUGH DIFFICULTY
1944€  / 900€ =  2.16  “Play Through Difficulty”

So the play through will not be easy bit is not impossible to accomplish either. A 2.16 Play through difficulty indicator is not bad.

25£ Free Bonus Offer

There is one bonus at William Hill’s you should not pass up. It is the 25£ Live Casino New Player Bonus. There are not a lot around that can be played with Live Games with only a 8X play through. You need to play in the browser based Evolution live gaming Willy has. Just deposit 25£ or more and place 8×25£=200£ worth of wagers on the Evolution live games and claim your extra 25£. Personally, I do not take many bonuses. But every once in a while I will just to report back on how it went. When you receive a bonus of any kind, not just the 1st deposit bonus, there are wagering requirements. These requirements are all about play trough, Wager Contribution %, wagers, winnings and withdrawals. There are a few bonuses around that are fine. Like the one described above. But then there are others that are just simple too expensive. Read up on what I have to say about these bonuses at Best Bonuses at Live Dealer Casinos… not pretty!!

William Casino Club, as do all the “big-guy” major wagering houses, offers a monthly VIP plan. It’s complicated but worth looking into if you will be sticking to the casino for a while. For a high roller it will be very exciting because you can earn up to 10,230£ if you play every day with a lot of cash. The extra cash is given as you go along. It is based on a tier system, some what like the one above.  WHC is a great casino with a wonderful log standing reputation. I won’t bore you with all the VIP plans breakdown but just to let you know it is waiting for those who are looking for a good home where people appreciate your play. Basically the more you play the more the casino will return to you. Keeping customers interested and happy is standard at pro shops such as William’s.