This bonus is a real gem. I don’t think I have seen anything quite like it before. Register an account and claim your 15000E free play bonus. You then have 24hrs to wager the bonus one time through the casino. That is… you must place 1500e in wagers on any of the assigned games. Most are RNG. Placing wagers on live games at this point is not acceptable.

But wait…. Once you have run 1500 through the wagers you can actually keep the winnings up to 100e. Everything over the 1500e will be credited to your bonus account. You then must deposit at least 20e in your real money account. Now remember all this is being tracked by the great software system they have set up called ClearPlay Bonus Accounting System. If you deposit 100e PlatinumPlay will match that with another 100e.

So you could have as much as 300e in your account to play with. The amount over your actual deposit has a play through of 30X. NOW YOU CAN PLAY SOME LIVE GAMES. The wager contribution is as follows: Slots and Parlor Games 100% American Roulette 10% Table Poker games, Casino War 20% Sicbo and all Roulettes except American Roulette 10% Video Poker games, Craps, Baccarat and all Blackjacks except Classic Blackjack 10% Classic Blackjack & All Aces Video Poker 2% . The interesting thing is that you may at anytime, after the 1500e wagers, withdraw your original deposit and winnings that have been credited to your real account. So you will never be denied your deposit nor winnings made with your deposit NordicBet Live Casino.

Your first real wagers will be taken from your real account. This means all the winnings on your wagers are yours to keep with no play through. The great thing is that the wagers made are counting towards your bonus requirement play through of 30X on the deposit, bonus and the winnings from the 1500e exercise Live Dragon Bonus Baccarat. So bit by bit, in real time, moneys are being transferred from the bonus account to your real account. Taking this bonus will be a lot of fun. There will be no Live Games until after the original 1500e FreePlay game is over, but you will get to know the casino and all of it’s famous Microgaming RNG creations. So you have my blessing… go for it!


ace-wager- card

Determinants & Formulas of Play Through Comparison Calculations

So lets do a calculation of just how difficult it will be to play through the “free money” from the 1500e wagering. You can see more about this type of calculation at Platinum Play Live Casino Bonus Play Through Comparison Calculations.

Determinants Effecting Play Through Difficulty

  • Play-through ( 30 )
  • Bonus + Deposit amount to be played through ( 100 )
  • Wager Contribution % of the games being played ( 10% )
  • House Edge of those games ( 2.7% )

The above information is needed to do the calculations in the formulas below.

Formulas To Calculate Play Through Difficult

(Bonus+Deposit) x Play-thr / Wager Cntr% = Amount to Wager
(100) x 30 / 10% = 30,000€ to be played through

Amount to Wager  x House Edge= Amount Theoretically Lost During Play-thrw
30,000 x 2.7% = 810€ will be most likely lost during that play through

Amount Lost During Pay-thrw/(Bonus + Deposit) = PLAY THROUGH DIFFICULTY
810€  / 100€ = 8.1  “Play Through Difficulty”

The play through difficult is higher than most. But this bonus is “out of the box”. It can not be compared to other bonuses, because the money won from the 1500e wagers was free.