NordicBet always covers their games. They have created a special Live Game Bonus just for us. You can see all the details at their main NordicBet Live Review page so I won’t go over the offers details. In general, it is a 25% to 50€ affair. Deposit 200€ and get an additional 50€ free. Your not going to be able to cash out until the play through is completed so get ready to go the distance on the 50X play through. The upside is that 100% of your wager will count toward this play through. The house edge is minimal in live gaming, so a 100% wager contribution is precious and rare. Nordic will loose that bonus money on many occasions. I would imagine that is why their offer of only 50€ is low and conservative. The great terms (NordicBet Casino – Reviews and Bonuses) is so a few players will give them a spin and like what they see.

Lets see how the terms add up in the end. here is the practical data you will be experiencing with this small bonus for live games.


Play Through Difficulty Calculations

We have set up a simple formula that can be used to compare how hard it will be to accomplish the play through and still have money left over. If you need a real detailed account on how to do the below calculation, refer to lucky live casino bonuses Play Through Comparison Calculations.

Determinants Effecting Play Through Difficulty

  • Play-through (50 )
  • Bonus amount to be played through ( 500 )
  • Wager Contribution % of the games being played ( 100% )
  • House Edge of those games ( 2.7% )

The above information is needed to do the calculations in the formulas below.

Formulas To Calculate Play Through Difficult

Bonus x Play-thr / Wager Cntr% = Amount to Wager

50 x 50 / 100% = 2,500€ to be played through

Amount to Wager x House Edge= Amount Theoretically Lost During Play-thrw

2,500 x 2.7% = 67.5€ will be most likely lost during that play through

Amount Lost During Play-thrw/Bonus = PLAY THROUGH DIFFICULTY

67.5€ / 50€ = 1.35 “Play Through Difficulty”

This 1.35 Play through Difficulty is one of the most favorable ratio’s you will find. Compare this ratio at “Best Bonuses at Live Dealer Casinos Page” with the other casinos and you will find it shining bright, in regards to their terms and conditions. But don’t expect to withdraw any live dragon bonus baccarat winnings until the bonus requirements are met. Specifically this means you must wager th eplay through described above before a withdrawal will be approved.