Welcome bonus of 100% up to 200€

The Lucky Live welcome bonus is very interesting. First of all you need to be aware that you can only bring down the play through by wagering on the live roulette table at nordicbetcasino.com. But for me that’s OK. I love live roulette. The terms go on to say that the bonus together with the deposit must be played through 37 times before the remaining money is yours and can be withdrawn Lucky Live Casino. Normally that would scare me into thinking the casino was trapping my funds. However after going through the calculations (below) i see that the play through is very fair and will most likely be able to be completed as long as I don’t make a mistake behind the wheel… the roulette wheel.

We have set up a simple formula that can be used to compare how hard it will be to accomplish the play through and still have money left over. If you need a real detailed account on how to do the below calculation, refer to Platinumplay live casino Bonus Play Through Comparison Calculations.

Determinants Effecting Play Through Difficulty

  • Play-through ( 37 )
  • Bonus + Deposit amount to be played through ( 200 )
  • Wager Contribution % of the games being played ( 100% )
  • House Edge of those games ( 2.7% )

The above information is needed to do the calculations in the formulas below.


Formulas To Calculate Play Through Difficult

(Bonus + Deposit) x Play-thr / Wager Cntr% = Amount to Wager
(100 +100) x 37 / 100% = 7,400€ to be played through

Amount to Wager  x House Edge= Amount Theoretically Lost During Play-thrw
7,400€x 2.7% = 200€ will be most likely lost during that play through

Amount Lost During Pay-thrw/(Bonus + Deposit) = PLAY THROUGH DIFFICULTY
200€  / 200€ = 1  “Play Through Difficulty”

The play through difficulty calculated out to be “1″. This means that If the law of averages worked out perfectly, you would have enough money with the bonus and deposit to exactly finish the play through in the bonus requirement rems. That is a rare thing to find. There are only a handful of Nordicbet live casino that offer that good of a set of terms with such an easy play through to accomplish.