vegas-casinoBonuses at Live Dealer casinos change, evolve, morph and generally are hard to handle. The different live casinos have a lot of different ways to handle bonuses and more importantly the bonus requirements. Most of the time the bonus amount is on the front page in large font.  That is not to say all live casinos are slippery, quite the contrary. The best ones are transparent and upfront. In any victor chandler live casino the bonus requirements can get involved and complicated. It takes time to unravel their implications.

Many times the requirements are spread out on two different pages of Play Throughs. One is in the bonus terms which nay times refers to part of the terms to the “General Terms’ section. It gets tough going. In the end I like to click-up livechat for a check on what I understood.

With that said I have found a few bonus terms that actually end up being a free play structure. It goes something like this:

If a bonus is given and the terms state that the first wagering moneys come out of the bonus and not your deposit… and if the terms permit a player to withdraw early with no penalties… and you want some free play, then you can simply deposit, take the bonus, play some roulette and withdraw your deposit any time thereafter. You have played for free.

One such bonus is offered by William Hill Live Casino. To understand bonuses a bit more, check out the best bonus chart below. These are all the live dealer bonuses that are worth considering. What I mean is that these are bonuses where you are not going to have a deposit “trapped” on you . Further more what  I mean is these are bonuses that do not require you to complete ALL the play through requirements before you cash out . Believe it or not most live dealer casino bonuses are structured in a way where you will certainly never see your deposit again. The play throughs are too high.

Read up on Steak Contribution % and Bonus Play Throughs. It is enlightening. Then look at the chart below. Notice that the wagers in the William Hills 150£ Live dealer Bonus are taken from the bonus money first.  So, if you so desire, you may waste this bonus money, not keep wagering to complete the required play through and withdraw your original deposit… Vuala… free play!! Sneaky… perhaps. Illegal… no. Immoral… depending on how you were brought up. Ask your Mom. But it is all in having fun, smiling and enjoying life. Who knows, you might even stay and make Willy’s your new place to play.

Bonuses Requirement can be Confusing

You need to be well informed about welcome bonuses before you accept one. They look attractive and many times are very large, but large or small there are the requirements to understand. There are 3 things to know, the Play Through, the Stake Contribution % and Withdrawals on Winnings.

William Hill’s Casino Club Video Review

 William Hill is taking more yearly wagers in Europe than any other online casino. Like the stars in the sky the amount of 40,000,000,000e is an amount hard to get your head around. You need to experience it to appreciate things that large.