Online slots aren’t usually thought of as games that can be beaten. They are, after all, quite volatile and can result in a lot of losing sessions.

You could still be wondering if it’s possible to beat online slots. That said, we’ll go through what factors influence slot payouts and whether or not these games can generate long-term profitability.

Several Factors determine winnings in Online Slots.

The underlying workings of online slots appear enigmatic. After all, unlike blackjack or roulette, these games do not have fixed odds. However, recognising the numerous aspects that impact the rewards of slots will help you better understand them.


When it comes to online slots payouts, the return to player (RTP) is one of the essential elements. The Return on Investment (RTI) relates to how much it is programmed to pay out over time.

Here’s an illustration:

  • The RTP of a slot machine is 96 percent.
  • You’ve placed a $1,000 wager on this game.
  • 1,000 divided by 0.96 equals 960.
  • In theory, you’ll win $960.

RTP does not provide any insight into your short-term performance. This statistic, on the other hand, is based on a wide variety of spins. It’s possible that you won’t get to the genuine RTP until you’ve played hundreds of thousands of rounds.


In the short term, volatility relates to how regularly slot machines payout. When a game’s short-term payouts are uneven, it’s considered very volatile. On the other hand, a low-volatility slot pays at a rate that is more consistent with the RTP.

The volatility of a game has no bearing on whether it can be beaten. However, this component is critical in determining how often you’ll win in a particular session.

If you want to have a long session, you shouldn’t play a high-volatility online slot. On the other hand, the most volatile games frequently have the largest jackpots and finest incentives.

Generator of Random Numbers

Slot machine payments are random, thanks to a random number generator (RNG). The RNG goes through a variety of payout options before settling on one or more.

The RNG, like volatility, has little effect on your long-term chances of winning. Instead, this software ensures that each outcome is unrelated to the previous one.

The RNG cycles through combinations so quickly that the outcome is completely unpredictable. As a result, you won’t be able to precisely “time up” while selecting the spin button in the hopes of winning more frequently.

In the world of online slots, progressive jackpots are those that increase in value over time.

Progressive jackpot slots take a small portion of each bet (e.g. 2 percent ). As more individuals play, these slot machines can someday give enormous jackpots by pooling money.

Some progressive online slots are programmed to pay out prizes more quickly than others. Others may take weeks or months to pay.

The last category includes the high-volatility slot machines already addressed. Because your chances of winning these jackpots are lower, you’ll probably win less frequently if you go for the bigger ones.

Comps & Bonuses

To entice and retain consumers, online casinos provide incentives. Players are frequently greeted with a welcome bonus that includes a deposit bonus and, in certain cases, free spins.

Online casinos are still rewarding players through promotions and a VIP programme. Deposit bonuses, free spins, and leaderboard races are among the upgrades available. Cashback, deposit bonuses, and presents for special events (such as a player’s birthday) are all available to VIP members.

Bonuses and comps aren’t usually enough to compensate for the ordinary player’s notional losses. They do, however, provide an opportunity to recoup some losses.

With Internet Slots, You Can Gain Theoretical Value

Even with high RTP and bonuses, online slots are designed to offer the casino an advantage. Some progressive slots and bonus opportunities, on the other hand, can theoretically provide you with an edge.

I underline “theoretical” because slots are so variable that realising these benefits is challenging. Despite this, the numbers can sometimes work in your favour.

A progressive jackpot can increase a slot machine’s RTP over 100% if it grows large enough. For a bank, providers simply need to provide the seed money. Meanwhile, the players contribute the remainder of the reward through their jackpot contributions.

The disadvantage of progressive jackpots with theoretical value is that they only benefit the jackpot winner in the end. Even though such games might pay out over 100% if the pot is large enough, they usually have a low base RTP (e.g. 88 percent to 92 percent ).

Casinos occasionally give incentives that are so lucrative that they provide an advantage. Here’s an illustration:

  • You are eligible for a $100 bonus on slots.
  • The wagering requirement is 35 times.
  • A wager of 100 x 35 = $3,500 is required.
  • There are no games that cannot be used to meet wagering requirements.
  • You’re playing a slot machine with a 98 percent RTP (2 percent house edge).
  • Theoretical losses of $3,500 x 0.02 = $70
  • Theoretical profits: 100 – 70 = $30

The issue with such bonuses is that they’re hard to come by. These changes typically arise when a casino enters a new market and is willing to (temporarily) lose money to attract new clients.

You may have a chance to play online slots with a bonus.

Online casinos and their slot machine providers are experts at calculating their benefits. This is how they can keep a long-term advantage in practically any situation.

They do, however, make mistakes from time to time, allowing professional gamblers to profit. This was the situation with a group of New Jersey slot players who won $900,000 by defeating “Ocean Magic.”

This gang of advantage gamblers discovered a bug in Ocean Magic in January 2019 that might be exploited. Bubble wild symbols rose one position up the reels before quitting the screen, which was a fault (a.k.a. climbing wilds). A possible advantage could be gained by starting around with the wild bubbles in specified positions.

The pals did their homework on the game and recruited a math whiz to do their calculations. They discovered that playing when the symbols were in the correct beginning positions gave them a 126 percent advantage.

The trio split their wagers across 13 other casinos, winning more than $900,000 at Ocean Magic. After only a week, the NJ online casinos realised what had happened and promptly removed the slot.

The majority of gambling sites paid out to gamblers right away. A few casinos, on the other hand, took their time in distributing legitimate prizes.

Should You Play Online Slots in the Hope of Winning?

You can see that in the right circumstances, it is possible to beat online slots. However, your chances of accomplishing this feat are slim to none.

Because they expect to lose money, online casinos do not offer these games. Instead, casinos and their service providers meticulously calculate everything from games to bonuses.

Even if the RTP is 98 percent, the typical player will lose $0.02 for every dollar wagered. If they don’t hit any big rewards, most gamblers will lose a lot more money.

Bonuses work similarly in that they favour casinos to some extent. After satisfying the wagering criteria, you may be eligible for a $100 bonus. However, when you’ve completed the game, your notional losses could total $200.

Is this to say you should give up all hope of beating online slots and gaining money from bonus offers?

No, you do not have to abandon your ambition. After all, you can see that you may make money playing these games. However, you must be practical and recognise that online slots do not provide many profitable prospects.

You’re likely to be one of the numerous losers who play slots. However, if you put up enough work, you may be able to take advantage of some favourable circumstances.

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